GPG Mexico highlights its commitment to the prevention of depression and to mental health care

Depression, a mental health condition that silently impacts people of all ages, genders and characteristics, has led to the designation of January 13th as “World Day to Combat Depression”.

In line with this initiative, the Casa de Relacionamiento Comunitario “Nacanu’ Bií”, as part of the care programme for groups linked to the Bií Hioxo wind farm, has implemented activities aimed at promoting mental health in the community, especially among the students from partner schools. 

At primary and secondary school levels, the “Má qui hrunina’ stale” (It doesn’t hurt much anymore) workshop was held, where children were given the opportunity to identify and distinguish between sadness and depression. In addition, the importance and value of emotions was highlighted, and students expressed their experiences with depression through drawings, texts and posters. The results revealed testimonies that require attention, with a special focus on the promotion of a culture of peace. This motivates us to continue working on the implementation of workshops and projects that benefit the community as a whole. 

Pictures taken during the “Má qui hrunina’ stale’’ workshop:

At GPG Mexico, they reaffirm their commitment to promoting the mental well-being of our employees and the environment around us, ensuring a sustainable quality of life for all.