We recap the activities and goals achieved by the Nacanu’ Bií Community Centre in 2023

2023 has been a year of great challenges and goals achieved for the Bií Hioxo Wind Farm. Undoubtedly, the community engagement is crucial for the successful operation of the wind farm.

The Nacanu’ Bií Community Centre has implemented programmes and workshops that actively contribute to social development, the promotion of values, and the adoption of good practices among stakeholders. These initiatives are specifically aimed at and committed to implementing the Social Relationship model in Juchitán, Oaxaca.

This year, the number of activities has increased by 95%, which means a difference in the population benefited from 1,173 in 2022 to 8,634 people in 2023, through the 4 established key areas: culture and education, environment, health and human development, based on the diagnosis carried out in 2018.

The activities include various workshops that promote dance, the preservation of Zapotec culture and health prevention. Another focus is the promotion of a culture of peace. These activities include notable initiatives such as reforestation in schools, community cinema, summer courses, collaboration with artisans, community bazaar, cleaning and PET collection.  

The carrying out of these activities, along with others, has the potential to ensure sustainable social development, leading to an enhanced quality of life for the community.

The successful implementation of each activity has been made possible through the dedicated collaboration of the “Xquendas” volunteer group, who, with all their “soul”, actively participate in the organisation and logistics of the actions carried out. In 2023, there has been a 76% increase in volunteer recruitment, reflecting a growing interest among the community, particularly young people, to become catalysts for change within their own community.

To foster stronger social engagement with our stakeholders, we have organised year-end social activities for Bií Hioxo wind farm employees, landowners who lease land to us, operation and maintenance technicians, Xquendas, and the wider community.

The community posada marked the final notable celebration of the year, with a gathering of over 150 people, who all came together to enjoy snacks and sweets, socialise, and express gratitude for the experiences of 2023.

The posada was attended by both the Bií Hioxo wind farm staff and their families. Carlos López Toledo, Héctor Yadiel Marquez Osornio, and Reynaldo Castillo Alonso (Supervisors), Yessica Ríos Martínez (Owner Management), Juan de Jesús Castillo Alonso (Social Manager), and Daniel Alberto Ibarra Amador (Head of PEBH) actively participated by providing snacks to share, demonstrating a shared responsibility with the community.

Images taken during activities at the Nacanu’ Bií Community Centre:

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