The scholarship granted by Día Solidario by Naturgy  with “GPG voy a la universidad” (“GPG I’m going to university”) not only represents economic support for a group of young people from the associated communities located along the Ruta de los Kilómetros in Tuxpan, but is also a means of boosting their personal development and fosters co-responsibility within their community environments.
In the framework of World Environmental Education Day, which is celebrated on 26 January, GPG Mexico’s environmental initiatives have reinforced their commitment to the development of strategies that promote climate action in the communities in which they are present. As part of our Environmental and Social Policy, the Tuxpan III and IV combined-cycle power stations, as well as the Bií Hioxo wind farm, have carried out various actions during 2023 and plan additional programmes for 2024.
Caleta Chañaral de Aceituno, considered the hidden jewel of the Atacama Region of northern Chile and the location of our Cabo Leones II wind farm, is home to a rich natural and cultural heritage that remains largely unexplored.
On December 20th, the empowerment workshop with the 2.0 interns took place at the “Community Engagement” facilities, located in Santiago de la Peña (Tuxpan, Mexico).
Nature Advisory, renowned for its dedication to conservation and the environment, has expanded its services to GPG Australia, implementing the same innovative process in their wind farms there.
The ancestral tradition of the ‘Viejo’ or ‘Huelo’ has once again come to life in the streets of Juchitán as part of the emotional farewell to the year. This colourful parade, where characterised figures walk through the streets with joyful dances visiting homes in search of an ‘aguinaldo’ (Christmas treat or bonus), was carried out with enthusiasm by the team of the Casa Comunitaria Nacanu’ Bií and the members of the Prehispanic music group. 
Depression, a mental health condition that silently impacts people of all ages, genders and characteristics, has led to the designation of January 13th as “World Day to Combat Depression”.
Two environmental awareness and family activities were conducted with the staff of the CCP Hermosillo on 2 and 3 December.
In 2022, in collaboration with the Family Development Agency (DIF) of the city of Durango, medical equipment was distributed to the communities near the centre. This year, the centre itself took the initiative and carried out a needs assessment in the villages of Abraham González and 27 de Noviembre, focusing on people with motor disabilities, many of whom are elderly.
2023 has been a year of great challenges and goals achieved for the Bií Hioxo Wind Farm. Undoubtedly, the community engagement is crucial for the successful operation of the wind farm.