The Zapotecs celebrate the winter solstice with a pilgrimage to the beachside chapel dedicated to the Holy Cross of Guzebenda (in Spanish, “Guzebenda” means “to go fishing” or “the action of fishing”).
This December marks the closing of a significant chapter for GPG Costa Rica with the successful delivery of the La Joya hydroelectric power station to the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE). This historic milestone consolidates La Joya as the first hydroelectric project transferred to ICE, marking the end of a process that has involved exceptional dedication and effort by our talented team over the past year.
Last 8th and 9th December, Module VI of the Xalag Chúchut School took place at the Telebachillerato “Países Bajos” in the Ruta de los Kilómetros (Tuxpan, Veracruz) with the participation of 24 students.
On December 2nd, the annual pilgrimage in honour of the Santa Cruz (Holy Cross) of Guelabe’ñe’ took place with participation by the team at Casa Comunitaria Nacanu' Bií. 
From November 24th to 26th, 2023, Module V of the Xalag Chúchut School took place at the Telebachillerato Países Bajos facilities in Tuxpan, Veracruz, situated along the Ruta de los kilómetros. The event was attended by 20 students.
The GPG Mexico team has been assisting in the establishment of a dedicated space for individuals with disabilities at the DIF Municipal Durango shelter.
On 1 December, a cleaning day was held in Palamara, one of the communities near the Palamara power plant, in which volunteers from the workforce and the community took part. 
On Wednesday 22nd November , a collaboration agreement was signed between the Bií Hioxo wind farm and the Instituto Tecnológico del Istmo, which will allow students from the university to carry out social service and professional residencies in the wind sector and in the area of community development. These will last 480 hours or a period of 6 months, thus contributing to the professional and educational development of the students.
Just a few minutes from Mexico City, surrounding the large urban sprawl, there are several expanses of forest which are part of the Great Water Forest, one of the most biodiverse forest areas in the world. The forest extends over the Tepozteco, the Sierra del Chichinautzin, the Lagunas de Zempoala, the Ajusco, Desierto de los Leones and the Sierra de las Cruces.
La escasez de agua en la ruta de los Kilómetros es algo que lleva años ocurriendo. Los motivos van desde una sobreexplotación de los pozos comunitarios y particulares, a una casi inexistente red de distribución de agua y, en los últimos años, el cambio de régimen de lluvia posiblemente por el cambio climático.